Who can become a member?
Member Services will be offered to authorized businesses who have gone through a formal approval and acceptance process to obtain membership to this site.

How do I sign up to become a member of Member Services? 
To receive information and contracts regarding member services, please e-mail us at

Will I need any special programs loaded on my system to view the driver and vehicle reports available for Members Services?
The various reports made available on this site are in Adobe PDF format. Please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed and are familiar with its use including how to save the PDF reports on your local file system.

Is this a fee-based service?


If I am having problems using the Member Services site whom should I contact? (Example: User Id has been locked, password has been forgotten, etc.) 
Please contact your account administrator.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding the bill from SCDMV?
You may submit your questions to Please state in the subject that you have a ‘Billing Inquiry.’ For faster response you will need to include your account number, invoice number and a statement to describe your inquiry.

Are there any required fields in ‘Name Search?’
Yes. The last name or business name must be entered. If the search results are more than 50 records, the user will be prompted to enter additional information such as first name, city, etc.

Are there any wildcards that can be used in ‘Name Search?’
Yes. After entering the first letter(s), the * can be used.

What is the ‘Customer Number’ and ‘Vehicle Number’ that appears on the ‘Name Search?’
These numbers are internal numbers assigned by SCDMV and can be used in correspondence with DMV to help locate a particular record more easily.