If you have a suspended license, you may qualify for the SCDMV Payment Plan in order to pay your reinstatement fees. If you qualify, you will be given a valid driver's license to use during the 12-month payment plan period. 

Am I eligible for the payment plan?
Qualifying for the Payment Plan

If you meet all of the following qualifications, you may participate in the SCDMV Payment Plan:

  • South Carolina resident
  • At least 18
  • Had an SC driver's license prior to suspension
  • Met all conditions for reinstatement besides paying the fee
  • Have not participated in payment plan within the last 24 months
  • Owe at least $200 in fees
  • Suspended for a qualifying reason
  • Have no pending suspensions

Pay my reinstatement fees
Enrolling in the Payment Plan

You may participate in the program if you meet all eligibility requirements. When you enroll, you will pay a $40 administrative fee and a 10% deposit. The 10% is the total reinstatement fee plus any daily fees you may owe.

You must do all of the following to enroll:

  • Sign an agreement
  • Pass any tests required for reinstatement
  • Pay any necessary fees for the test(s)
  • Commercial DL with H endorsement must retake the knowledge test twice

Once you complete these requirements, you'll receive the 12-month license. You may sign up for the program at any SCDMV branch.

Find an SCDMV branch
Payment Plan Rules

Once you're enrolled in the payment plan, you must pay your balance in 12 months. You must follow all the rules below when participating in the payment plan:

  • Pay at least $20 at a time unless it's your final payment
  • Personal checks or business checks are not accepted
  • You may make payments as frequently as you'd like
  • The SCDMV will not send you any payment reminders or bills, but you will be sent a letter 20 days before the end of your payment plan period (12 months)
  • As each payment is received, the money will be applied to your oldest suspension
  • Once you pay all fees, you are eligible for a regular (Class D) driver's license, beginner's permit or CDL (retests for H endorsement must be complete).

You may make a payment towards the amount you owe in person, by mail or online, but your final payment must be paid in person. You must fill out an application to renew your regular driver's license at an SCDMV office after the final payment is made. 

If you're mailing in your payment, mail it to the address below:

Driver Records
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0028

Rules for the Payment Plan Program Driver's License

  • You will have full driving privileges.
  • You can get a duplicate 12-month driver's license with the same expiration as your original.
  • You cannot renew a 12-month license.
  • Your 12-month license is subject to suspension like a regular license.
  • If your 12-month license is suspended, it cannot be reinstated.
  • If you're suspended for a different violation while you're enrolled in the payment plan, your 12-month license will be suspended, the payment plan will end, and all remaining suspensions will be reactivated.
  • The SCDMV cannot refund money you paid to the program.
  • If your 12-month license expires, you will not be allowed to drive until your regular license is issued, even if you've paid all required fees.
  • If you have an ignition interlock requirement, you will have a restriction for it on your 12-month license.
  • You may get a regular driver's license once you complete the payment program within 12 months.
  • While you have your 12-month license, you cannot take a test for any new class of license until you complete the payment plan.

Payment Plan Default

If you're enrolled in the payment plan, all of your fees are due by the 12-month expiration date on your driver's license.

If you do not pay all fees in 12 months, all of the following will happen:

  • Your license will expire.
  • You will not be able to get a regular driver's license until all fees are paid.
  • If you do not pay the fees, any remaining suspensions will be reactivated.

You must pay all fees from any previous payment plans you participated in before you may enroll in a new payment plan.