The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Rental Car Quality Assurance (RCQA) program was established to manage inventory issued by SCDMV to third-party service providers and rental car companies. This allows rental car companies to process the initial applications for vehicle title and registrations for rental car use only, as allowed under state law, §56-3-2340(B). The third-party service provider and rental car company must securely store plates and registrations with decals in a climate-controlled facility and/or room exclusively in the state of South Carolina.

Becoming a Rental Car Participant
Complete an SCDMV Application for Electronic Registration & Titling (Form EVR-3)

Selecting a Service Provider:
Rental car companies may choose a service provider from the list below:
Approved Rental Car Service Provider 
CVR - Computerized Vehicle Registration

South Carolina Service Providers 
DDI Technology
Rental car companies interested in becoming a service provider, please visit:
SCDMV Electronic Vehicle Registration Program.

Additional requirements:
SCDMV Rental Car Quality Assurance Contract
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
RCQA Program Standards


All documents and inquiries can be submitted to or via mail to:
Attn: RCQA Unit
PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0051


Forms for Service Providers and Rental Car Participants
Rental Car Quality Assurance Inventory Tracking (Form RC-001A)
Rental Car Quality Assurance Incident Report for Missing Inventory (Form RC-001B)
Rental Car Quality Assurance Damaged Inventory & Wrong Stock Used (Form RC-001C)
Rental Car Quality Assurance Access Log (Form RC-001D)
Rental Car QA Service Provider Change Request (Form RC-001G)
491-A & AV Assignment Log Sheet Year (MV-21)
Plate Assignment Log Sheet (MV-22)