SCDMV Cautions Against Scammers

December 19, 2023

New scams are targeting DMV customers in some U.S. states. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles cautions residents to be on alert for phishing scams and fraudulent communications that are disguised as communications from the agency.
Recent false text messages circulated in Utah claiming recipients needed to update their DMV contact information with the department. Wisconsin also warned residents of scamming texts falsely emanating from the Department of Transportation that stated recipients were due refunds of $110. New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission was the subject of an email scam asking drivers to validate their driver license information through attached links. These types of phishing scams are carefully crafted to mislead consumers into providing personal or financial information. Scam emails and text messages often contain questionable links that lead recipients to nefarious websites where scammers collect customer information. 

Although the SCDMV has no reports of fraudulent messaging in South Carolina this year, the holiday season typically correlates to a rise in scams nationwide. The SCDMV urges the following online safety tips:
Avoid clicking suspicious links -- Do not click on any links in text messages that claim to be from the DMV. 
Use caution on any website asking for personal or financial information – Check for the secure connection lock next to our official website address, which is:
Report suspicious messages – If you have received a suspicious text, email, or social media message, please report it to the SCDMV by using the “Fraud Hotline” page on the department’s website.

The SCDMV does not begin transactions by text message, email, or direct messaging. Any such communication is not legitimate and should be reported.