Electronic Vehicle Registration Program

EVR Program

The South Carolina Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) program allows SC licensed motor vehicles dealerships to apply for titles and registrations on newly acquired vehicles. The EVR system is supplied through a Service Provider who works with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to provide automobile dealers with a computer based system that allows them to make application to register and title vehicles electronically.


The SCDMV EVR system follows a two-step process. In step one, the dealer enters all the appropriate information and issues the dealer temporary tag to the buyer on the date of sale (unless the customer is transferring the plate to the new purchased vehicle).  In step two, the dealer finalizes the electronic application for title and registration.  Once the transaction is completed and the paperwork submitted, SCDMV will mail the vehicle license plate to the owner and the title to the lienholder (or to the owner if there is no lien).


The EVR program allows an automobile dealer to perform all the data entry associated with titling and registering a vehicle, without having to maintain plate and registration decal inventory.

If you have questions concerning the South Carolina EVRT program, please email the EVRTCoordinator@scdmv.net  or you may contact:


SC Department of Motor Vehicles
Attention Sofia Rivera-Lopez
P.O. Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0038

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Application Process

Service Providers

All Service Providers interested in participating in the program should complete the documents listed below and submit to the address indicated below.  Once the service provider has been approved to participate in the program, the EVR Coordinator will forward a letter of acceptance to the program along with the EVR Program Standards and Technical Standards.  The service provider is required develop the EVR system in accordance to SCDMV technical specification and achieve technical certification.


Service Providers will agree to pay the SCDMV a fee of $2.50 per each update to complete a transaction define as Update Phase 2 (UPD2).  A transaction is defined as each transaction for which the participating dealer performs an Update Phase 1 and an Update Phase 2 to fulfill the transaction transmission.  The Update Phase 1 performs all the edits necessary to ensure a successful update to the SCDMV system. Update Phase 2 updates the SCDMV system with the title and registration information as applicable and completes the transaction allowing the SCDMV to order and send the plate and registration to the customer.


South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Contract   

EVR Vendor Application

Non-Disclosure Agreement


You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms.



Dealers interested in this program must complete DMV Form EVR-3, Application for Electronic Vehicle Registration; complete and sign the EVR Dealer Contract and mail to the address indicated on the application.  In addition each participating dealer identify as EVR users must complete SCDMV form EVR-8 once all training with the DMV and service provider has been completed.  The dealer may contact a service provider to begin the process of application for EVR services. The service provider may submit the application package on behalf of the dealer. A dealer may desire to internally develop the computer systems and technology to communicate directly with SCDMV.  In this case, dealers must meet the same technical requirements as a service providers and achieve technical certification.  Dealer should indicate their desire to develop their own computer system in their initial letter of request to SCDMV.


EVR-3, Application for Electronic Vehicle Registration

EVR Dealer Contract

EVR–8, EVR Data Users Acknowledgment of Duty of Non-Disclosure and Due Diligence


Service Provider List

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South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 56-19-265 authorizes SCDMV to require electronic lien recordings from lenders doing business in South Carolina. In addition to Mandatory ELT, SCDMV will begin charging lenders for their use of the ELT service to transmit and receive information from the Department. Implementation is scheduled for February 1, 2017, however, SCDMV will allow a six month grace period for implementation ending July 31, 2017.


This amendment requires SC licensed motor vehicle dealers, who also finance vehicles, to utilize the electronic lien and title system to transmit and receive lien information from the SCDMV.  The SCDMV requires motor vehicle dealers who finance vehicles to participate in the ELT program if the dealers process 5 or more title transactions per year.


To participate in the ELT program SC licensed motor vehicle dealers will contact a SCMDV approved ELT Service Provider or may develop a proprietary ELT system to interface with DMV. If the dealer wishes to develop its own ELT system, the dealer will be required to develop and test the ELT system to meet the SCDMV specifications.


Motor vehicle dealers that will participate in the ELT program through a service provider must complete the ELT Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before vehicle, customer and lien data is electronically transmitted through the ELT program. The SCDMV will review the signed MOU and approve for participation.  The service provider will provide the motor vehicle dealer with the necessary equipment and training before transmitting lien information to the SCDMV. For a list of the SC approved ELT service providers please visit our web site at: http://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/default.aspx?n=electronic_title_and_registration

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