Driver License Testing

Practice Driver License Knowledge Tests

Anyone who is planning to take or re-take a general knowledge test may use the Online Practice Exam on a computer or download a free application to their iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android device to practice.  The exams offer a series of randomly selected question from more than 200 questions in the database.  Each question is based on the information contained in the South Carolina Driver’s Manual. 


The driver license practice test can be downloaded free of charge at the iTunes store through the AppStore.  To download the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications, enter “SC DMV Driver Exam” in the iTunes search box.

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Where and When to Take the Test (vison, knowledge, skills)

Knowledge, skills and vision tests are required when you apply for an original license or upgrade to a different class of license. You may take knowledge tests for any class license at any SCDMV office.

You do not need an appointment to take a knowledge test but the SCDMV does not allow a customer to take knowledge tests after these cut off times.

  • Non-commercial knowledge tests (Class D, E, F, G, or M).
    • 4:30 PM Monday through Friday
    • 12:30 on designated Saturdays at designated locations
  • CDL knowledge test (Class A, B, or C) are offered Monday through Friday
    • 4 PM if you want to take the general or up to two endorsement tests.
    • 3 PM if you want to take three tests (the general knowledge test and up to two endorsement tests).
    • CDL tests are not offered on Saturdays.

The South Carolina Driver’s Handbook, CDL Manual or other testing aids cannot be used while taking the knowledge test. Tests will be treated as a failure if you:

  • Leave the test room/ area before the test is completed.
  • Talk to anyone, whether in person or with an electrical device.
  • Take anything into the knowledge test area that may assist you with the answers to the questions on the test such as: any written material or electrical device (cell phone, calculator, tablet reader, laptop, etc.) 

There are One Stop Driver Training and Testing Programs where DMV authorized trainers/testers are allowed to administer the knowledge and/or skills tests to their customers who are applying for a first time Class D passenger vehicle beginner permit or driver license, or a motorcycle license. A current list of participants in the one stop driver training & testing programs are available for:


The Initial Driver License Examination will include these tests

Class License

Administered at all

DMV Field Offices

See Chart below for locations and details



Knowledge Test

Skills (Road) Test

D = Passenger Vehicle




G = Moped




M = Motorcycle




E or F = Non-Commercial




A, B, or C = Commercial





Locations and appointment information for skills tests

SCDMV branch offices administer road tests for Class D, E and F licenses in the rain as long as the applicant has visibility using an intermittent or low windshield wiper speed. Driving tests are administered at DMV offices as listed below.  Overlapping tests should not be scheduled if the same vehicle is being used for both skills tests.  Click here for a list of DMV offices, the services they provide and when they are offered.  You may schedule your road test by appointment.


Class D Passenger Vehicle License

If you are applying for a passenger vehicle license, you may take your skills test at any DMV field office except for Myrtle Beach Commons.

Appointments are available in the Allendale office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all other DMV offices Monday through Friday, 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.  Click here for a list of DMV offices, the services they provide and the hours of operation. To make an appointment, call the office and leave a voice-mail message with your name and phone number. DMV staff will return your call within one business day.

NOTE:  DMV will accept a walk-in road test applicant from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. However, DMV will not accept a walk-in road test applicant during the afternoon hours from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m., unless the office has a cancellation. Any customer who arrives late (10 minutes or more) for an appointment could lose his scheduled appointment time to a walk-in customer.

Class M Motorcycle license

If you are applying for a motorcycle license you must take your skills test at one of the designated DMV offices Monday through Friday except for the following: 

·      Allendale is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

·      Myrtle Beach Commons administers motorcycle skills tests by appointment only

·      Union only administers motorcycle tests on Thursdays by appointment. 

Class E and F Non-Commercial License

Appointments may be made using the Skills Tests Appointments online service.

If you are applying for a Class E or F driver’s license, you must take your skills test at one of the eleven designated DMV offices Monday through Friday.

1.    Beaufort, 28 Munch Drive

2.    Bishopville, 508 South Lee Street

3.    Charleston, 3790 Leeds Avenue

4.    Chester, 508 Belt Road

5.    Florence, 3102 E. Palmetto Street

6.    Greer, 610 Arlington Road

  7.    Irmo/Ballentine, 1016 Broad Stone Road

  8.    McCormick, 504 Airport Road

  9.    Orangeburg, 17720 Charleston Highway

10.    Seneca, 13009 South Radio Station Road

11.    Spartanburg, 1625 Southport Road

Class A, B or C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Appointments may be made using the Skills Tests Appointments online service.

If you are applying for a CDL license you must take your skills test at one of the nine designated DMV offices Monday through Friday. 

1.   Bennettsville, 337 Highway 9 West

2.   Columbia, 1630 Shop Road

3.   Greenville, 15 Saluda Dam Road

4.   Greenwood, 510 W. Alexander Ext

5.   Ladson, 135 Wimberly Drive

6.   Myrtle Beach Commons, 1330 Howard Parkway

7.   North Augusta, 1711 Ascauga Lake Road

8.   Rock Hill, 305 Hands Mill Road

9.   Sumter, 430 South Pike Street


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Taking the Road Skills Test

You will need to take a road skills test if you do not hold a valid driver’s license. You must provide a vehicle for the road test. The vehicle must be in safe driving condition, including working brakes, safety belts, horn, turn signals, mirrors and working speedometer. The vehicle must also have a valid license plate, registration card, and insurance card.  The driving test will be postponed if the vehicle is deemed unsafe and it is an automatic failure if you refuse to use your seat belt.


The road skills test will be administered by a DMV representative. Only the applicant and the DMV representative are allowed in or around the vehicle during the road skills test.  Your driver license examination includes:

1. A vision Test. (Bring your glasses if applicable.)

2. A test of traffic laws, road signs, and driving safety rules.

3. A driving test, if required. Bring the following items for a driving test:

    a) your old license or instruction permit, if you have one.

    b) a licensed driver.

    c) vehicle liability insurance information from a company licensed to do business in S.C.

    d) a vehicle that is safe to drive including working brakes, horn, turn signals, mirrors, 

        windshield, working speedometer and displays a proper license plate. 

You will be asked to locate the controls for the vehicle’s headlights, windshield wipers, turn signals, including four-way flashers and brake lights. You must show the car is properly insured. If you use a rental car for the driving test, the driver’s name must show on the contract as the insured.

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If You Fail the Road Skills Test

An applicant with no previous driving experience who fails a skills test must wait two (2) weeks to re-test regardless of age. An applicant who has had previous driving experience (held a former drivers license) who fails a skills test, must wait one (1) week to retest regardless of age. Holding a beginner’s permit does not count as former driving experience.


If the applicant has failed the skills test on the third (3rd) or subsequent attempt he must wait sixty (60) days before being re-tested.


Type of Credential Held by Customer

Skills Test

Wait Time

Before Returning for Next Test

Beginner’s Permit only –

no other previous driving experience

Fails 1st  or 2nd attempt

Must wait two (2) weeks


NOTE:  If customer also holds a driver’s license in a different class than the beginner’s permit they would only have to wait one week to re-test (see below).

Driver’s License

(class D, E, F, A, B, C, M, or Out-of-state)

Fails 1st or 2nd attempt

Must wait one(1) week

Beginner’s Permit or

Driver’s License

(class D, E, F, A, B, C, M, or Out-of-state)

Fails 3rd attempt or subsequent attempts

Must wait sixty (60) days

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