SCDMV Fraud Hotline

Reporting Fraud

For Your Protection

SCDMV is working to ensure the security of customer records, documents and credentials. Reporting incidents of fraud or criminal activity when it happens is a good way to deter the activity in the future.


To protect citizens and employees, SCDMV has established a hotline that can be used to report incidents involving the agency, its employees or other individuals committing driver or vehicle license fraud. The hotline provides individuals a safe and secure way to report fraud, crimes, and inappropriate actions of behaviors. Persons reporting fraud or criminal activity may remain anonymous.


Contact the SCDMV Fraud Hotline

(803) 896-9688


Reportable Offenses
Accounting or Auditing Discrepancies
Conflict of Interest
Destruction of Information
Disclosure of Confidential Information
Driver License Crimes
False Information
Inappropriate Behavior
Misuse of Information or Resources
Policy Violations
Retaliation or Retribution
Sexual or Workplace Harassment
Threats or Physical Violence
Unfair Employment Practices
Vehicle Title Crimes

Identity Theft

SCDMV can also assist you if your driver license or identification card has been affected by identity theft. If you believe your credential has been compromised, you should check your driving record for fraudulent information. Discrepancies should be reported to the SCDMV Office of Integrity and Accountability by calling 803-896-9688 or emailing

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