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Requests for SCDMV Records

Please be aware that most driver and vehicle records can be obtained at local SCDMV offices or by mail. The SCDMV Communications Office cannot process these transactions. If you are requesting a driver record, vehicle information, an accident report or dealer information, please complete the appropriate form and mail it to the office indicated on the form with the required fees.

See below for information on how to request a copy of a Driving Record.

Form 5027-A, Request for Vehicle Information, is used to request:

  • Liability Insurance Information
  • Placard Information
  • Title History Basic Information (including odometer information)
  • Vehicle list by Customer
  • Name of Address of Registered Owner License Plate History
  • Title History - Complete with Supporting Documents
  • Vehicle Title Information (current owner and lienholder information)

Form FR-50, Request for Copy of Officer's Report is used to request:

  • A copy of an Accident Report

Form DLA-11, Request for Dealer License Information is used to request:

  • Dealer Application
  • Bond Information and Other Dealer Licensing Information

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Driving Record

To obtain driver information in South Carolina you must have consent from the driver or be eligible to obtain the information for a permissible use under the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994. Some permissible uses under DPPA are: use by a government agency, businesses to verify information, court proceeding, investigation, insurer, commercial driver's licenses, etc. A complete list of permissible uses can be found by going through the Cornell Law School website.  Complete form MV-70., Request for Driver Information, to request:

  • A copy of a Driving Record (MVR)
  • A copy of a Ticket or Suspension Notice
  • Other Driver Related Documents

Mail completed form along with the applicable fee ($6.00 per driver record) to the address on the form.

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