Providing ID for Title and Registration

Acceptable Identification to Title and Register a Vehicle in SC

Each owner must provide acceptable identification from the chart below when you apply for a title and/or vehicle registration.

Acceptable Identification (All documents must be valid/unexpired)

Valid S.C. Credential


Out-of-State Credential

Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Permanent Residency Card


If you are mailing your application, submit a copy of the front of the credential or the cover and first page of the passport.

The full legal name indicated on the credential presented must be used to title and/or register your vehicle in SC.

Every customer must comply with these requirements each time a motor vehicle, trailer or mobile home is newly titled or registered in his/her name.

Vehicle Owners without a SC Credential
If you are titling and/or registering a vehicle and present identification other than a SC credential, you must also verify that the vehicle is operated or principally garaged in SC for six or more months of the year. This requirement does not apply to mobile home titles if the mobile home is in SC.

You must complete the Form TI-006 (Statement of Vehicle Operation in SC) stating that one of the following applies and present one of the required documents:

Operation Status

Required Documentation

Active Duty Military Service in SC

Military ID, Leave and Earnings Statement or Orders

Currently Enrolled in School in SC

School ID, Enrollment Documents not more than 12 months old

Note: The individual enrolled must be listed as and owner or co-owner on the vehicle that is being titled and/or registered.

Vehicle is Principally Garaged in SC


         Homeowner or leasing    

Any document required for proof of residency on Form MV-93

        Employed in SC

Statement from the employer verifying Employment

If the vehicle owner resides with a homeowner or an individual leasing a residence in the state, Form TI-006A must be completed and signed by the homeowner or lessee the owner resides with.        

The vehicle is owned by an individual who is unable to obtain a SC credential because of a medical or physical condition, but the vehicle is principally garaged in SC and will be driven by a driver who is not the owner. The TI-006must be submitted and the vehicle must be registered with a disabled plate or the owner must have a disabled placard registered in their name. All disabled plate/placard procedures still apply. Click here for more information about obtaining a disabled placard or plate.

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Business Customers Titling and Registering a Vehicle in SC

If you are a business customer, you must provide a federal identification number (social security number for sole proprietorships) and proof of the physical place of business in SC. If your business is located out of state and the vehicle is being operated by a driver in SC, the residential address of the driver must be listed as the housed address for the vehicle. If a vehicle is leased by an individual from a company with an out of state address, the lessee, who is the registrant, must comply as listed in the individual section above. The federal Form SS-4 is NOT acceptable in lieu of the FEIN or SSN for business customers.

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