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  Penalties for Returned Checks
Returned Checks

DMV will no longer provide services to customers who write bad checks. Many services will remain unavailable until the customers pay all dishonored checks and fees. 


If DMV receives a returned check notification from your bank, you will be notified by mail that you need to pay the outstanding fees. You must pay the amount of the check, plus a $30.00 returned check fee. After the fees are paid, DMV will not accept a personal check from you and a “cash only” alert will be placed on your record for three years from the date all check fees are paid. You may remit payment at any DMV office or by mail to the Headquarters Finance Department at the following address:


SC Department of Motor Vehicles

Attention: DCU

Post Office Box 1029

Blythewood, South Carolina 29016-1029


DMV does not accept cash by mail. Until all fees are paid, you will no longer be able to renew your driver license or vehicle registration. You will not be able to replace a lost or stolen driver license or license plate, apply for a Disabled Placard, or purchase a copy of your driving record.


DMV will notify the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) regarding customers that have not remitted payment for a returned check. DOR may collect money for a customer’s unpaid check through his or her state tax refund. 


If you have questions regarding returned checks, please contact the DMV Contact Center at (803) 896-5000 or email

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