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Serving Out of State Summons and Complaint

SCDMV assists SC attorneys who need to serve Summonses and Complaints to non-resident motorists and/or motor carriers.

Each request must include:

  • A check in the amount of $40.00 for each defendant being served.
  • Two filed copies of the Summons and Complaint for each defendant being served. (One copy will be served on the defendant, and the Office of General Counsel will retain one.)
  • Out of state address. The Plaintiff must furnish the correct address for the out-of-state motorist or motor carrier. SCDMV does not provide addresses for the out-of-state motorist being served.
  • Additional copies, addresses, and fees for multiple service on a single Defendant. If more than one out-of-state address is being provided, submit an additional set of pleadings for each additional address, plus a check in the amount of $40.00 for each address provided. For example, for one defendant with two addresses, remit a check in the amount of $80.00 plus a third copy of the pleadings.

Do not include any pleadings other than the Summons and Complaint. SCDMV will only serve the Summons and Complaint on the defendant. All other pleadings will be returned to you.

Documents can be mailed to the address below by regular or certified mail, or they can be hand delivered. The SCDMV must receive the pleadings within the statute of limitations.

Documents returned to the SCDMV as refused or undeliverable will be returned to Plaintiff. (See Code Sections ยง15-9-370 and -380.)

To request assistance, please contact:

Office of General Counsel
S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles
10311 Wilson Boulevard
Post Office Box 1498
Blythewood, South Carolina 29016-0020
Fax: 803.896.9901

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