State Identification Card Day

Questions about Getting a State Photo ID Card




1.   What is Identification Card Day?

Identification Card Day, which will be held on September 28, 2011, DMV Driver License Examiners will take citizens who do not have transportation to a DMV office to obtain an identification card.


2.    Will DMV offer full services on this day?

DMV will not offer road tests on September 28, 2011 because our Examiners will transport citizens in state vehicles. Based on customer demand, other services may also be impacted that day.


3.   Who can participate in Identification Card Day?

Any citizen 18 years of age or older that does not have a valid driver’s license or identification card can request transportation to a DMV office to get an identification card.


4.   If I already have a valid South Carolina driver’s license or identification card, do I need to replace it?

No. If your credential has not expired, you do not need to replace it. DMV is offering this service for those who do not have valid credentials. Also, you only need one credential—either a driver’s license or an identification card.


5.    What do I need to do to schedule an appointment for transportation?

Call 1-855-STATE ID (1-855-782-8343) to request transportation. Appointment times will be assigned when DMV calls to confirm your request.


6.    What documents will I need to obtain an identification card?

To get an identification card, you must have a birth certificate, Social Security card, proof of residency and legal documentation for any name change (such as a marriage certificate or divorce document). SCDMV Form MV-93, which is available on our website, lists all of the acceptable documents.


7.    If I do not have all of the required documentation, will I still be able to obtain an identification card?

No. You must have the required documentation.


8.    How can I be sure I have the correct documentation?

When you call the 1-855-STATE ID telephone number, the customer service representative will be able to assist you.


9.    If I am having difficulty getting my South Carolina birth certificate, what should I do?

Contact Vital Records Services at the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC):

Division of Vital Records
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 898-3630

It can take up to 30 days to obtain your birth certificate, so we recommend you begin working with them early in the process. If you were not born in South Carolina, you should contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state where you were born.


10.  What will happen when I call for an appointment?

DMV will ask for your name, address, contact information, any special needs and preferred DMV office. You will not receive an appointment that day, but DMV will call you back at a later date to confirm your appointment. All confirmed appointments will be within a two-hour window of time (i.e. 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.) on September 28, 2011.


11.  How long do I have to make an appointment?

DMV will accept appointments between August 31 and September 22, 2011.


12.  When can I expect a confirmation call?

DMV will confirm your appointment by September 26. Your appointment time for pick-up will be within a two-hour period. For example, you may be told that the driver will arrive between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. If you have not received your confirmation call by September 26, please contact DMV at 1-855-STATE ID (1-855-782-8343).


13.  If I have trouble walking or use a wheelchair, can I still make an appointment for transportation?

SCDMV can transport you if you are able to travel in an automobile. DMV is able to transport persons that use walkers, collapsible wheelchairs and/or service animals in our vehicles. If you require a motorized wheelchair or other special vehicle, we will help you make arrangements to be transported to a DMV in an ADA approved van. Please note that if special transportation requirements prevent you from visiting a DMV office on September 28, we will make special arrangements for you. DMV will make every effort to accommodate all citizens. Please advise the DMV operator of your requirements when you call to request transportation. 


14.  Can a family member accompany me to the DMV office?

Yes. If you have a family member, friend, home health care worker, etc. that needs to accompany you to the DMV office, we will transport them as well. Please advise the DMV operator of this requirement when you call to request transportation. 


15.  What if I’m not ready to go when the driver arrives?

DMV will be transporting many people on this day so you will need to be ready to go at the appointed time.


16.  How will I know the person that arrives to pick me up is a DMV employee?

All DMV employees will be wearing a gray uniform shirt with the DMV emblem on the left side. Each employee will also have a SCDMV identification badge.


17.  Will I have to show my documents to the DMV driver?

Yes. The driver will check your documents to ensure you have everything you need to get your identification card. If you do not have the correct documents, you should not visit the DMV office that day. The driver will explain what you need to obtain an identification card.


18.  Will I have to wear a seat belt while I am in the DMV vehicle?

Yes. State law requires all drivers and passengers of state vehicles to wear seat belts.


19.  Once we arrive at the DMV office, will I have to take a number and wait?

No. DMV will have designated service lines for customers who are transported by our drivers. 


20.  If my church or organization plans to assist citizens by transporting them to a DMV office on September 28, what should we do?

Please contact DMV at 1-855-STATE ID (1-855-782-8343) and tell us about your plans. To help you assist your members better, our employees can explain the requirements to get an identification card. It will also be helpful for DMV to know which office you plan to visit and at what time.


21.  Will I have to fill out any forms?

You will have to present the required documents and complete Form 447 to apply for an identification card.


22.  What is the cost of an identification card?

If you are 17 years of age or older, the identification card is free. (You must be 18 years of age or older to request transportation.)


23.  Can I conduct any other business while I’m at the DMV office?

With the exceptions of administering road tests, all other DMV services will be provided on September 28. While you are at the DMV office, you may also register to vote or sign up to be an organ donor. 


24.  After I complete my business at DMV, can I ask the driver to take me anywhere else?

No. The DMV driver is required to take you back to your home.


25.  Will a DMV employee arrive to transport me if I my appointment was not confirmed?

No. If you did not call DMV to make an appointment or your appointment was not confirmed, a DMV employee will not arrive to pick you up. IF YOU DID NOT CALL, WE WILL NOT COME.


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