The Employer Notification program monitors an employee’s driving record for an employer. It can supplement and/or supplant an employer’s self-reporting process for its employees as it relates to their driving record. The employer will be notified if an event occurs that results in a change to the employee’s driving record. This does not replace the need to get a driver's driving record.

Any driving violations, suspensions, and driver's license changes will be reported for one calendar year from the date the report is executed. If an employee is in a crash that causes more than $1,000 in physical damage or results in any injuries, it will be reported. The report is generated every Saturday.

This web based service is accessible via the SCDMV’s Member Services.

Login to Member Services 
Employer's Responsibilities

If you're the employer, you're responsible for entering your employees' license numbers and last names using the Maintain Employee Watch List transaction. You may enter your employees' names individually, or you may upload them via an Excel or CSV file.

Once the employees are entered, you may access the report on Saturdays as an Employee Watch Reporter. You may view it online or download it to your computer. 

Cost of Employee Notification 

The cost of this service is based upon a sliding scale of the number of employees you enroll. You will be billed every year.

The SCDMV may conduct an audit at any time after enrollment. If you exceed the sliding scale that you are being billed at during the audit, you will be billed at the appropriate level found during the audit.

To enroll for this service,  you must complete the contract and personal information release agreement below that applies to who will be responsible for maintaining login information and passwords for access to the SCDMV’s Member Services site.

If you're a state agency, the agency director must sign both documents.

If you're a public agency (county, city, district, university, etc.), the Human Resources Director must sign both documents on your behalf.

Important Documents

Employer Notification Program Instructions and Screens
Employer Notification Program Contract for Private Companies
Employer Notification Program Contract for State Agencies
General Personal Information Release Agreement for Private Companies
Personal Information Release Agreement for Public and State Agencies
Public Agency Other Than State Agency

Mail all documents to:

PO Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016

The SCDMV will process the request and contact the security administrator for the organization once it receives your documents.