Dealer Sanction History 

This resource allows you to do all of the following: 
  • View if a dealership is active, expired, suspended, cancelled, or revoked
  • View a dealership's location
  • View the sanction history of any dealership within the last ten years (Note: The sanction history temporarily displays all point violations from July 2018 to present and all suspensions within the last ten years. Effective December 9, 2020, a dealership's ten-year, sanction history (including points and suspensions) will be available for viewing.)

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Understanding Dealer Sanctions

Below is a dealer's history of any violations it received. If a dealer is found in violation of any dealer-related SC law, a dealer will be sanctioned in one of three ways:

  • Points assessed on the dealer's license
  • Receiving a suspension
  • Dealer license being revoked

For Consumers

Dealers can receive two, four, or six points. The first time a dealer accumulates 12 points results in a seven-day suspension.

The second time a dealer accumulates 12 points it is suspended for 30-days.

The third time a dealer accumulates 12 points (within a three-year period), from the end date of the first suspension, it is possible that the dealer's license is revoked.


How to Interpret Posted Points

  • If a sanction is found to be less than one year, the points will remain as is.
  • If a sanction is found to be one year old and less than two years, half of the points will be removed.
  • If a sanction is found to be two years old or more, all of the points will be removed (reducing the points to zero, which will no longer be visible for viewing).